Model Flying Event COVID Checklist
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From Monday 14th September it is against the law for gatherings of more than 6 people to take place in private homes (including gardens and other outdoor spaces), or in a public outdoors space, unless planned by an organisation in compliance with COVID-19 secure guidance. The Government will be introducing fines for those who facilitate or organise illegal gatherings of over 6 people.

Common sense compliance with Covid-19 guidance (social distancing, hand sanitising etc) should be all that is required if you have fewer than 6 people.

Please note that if you are expecting more than 6 attendees, including organisers and volunteers then you must complete a COVID-19 risk assessment.

Download the COVID-19 risk assessment template

Event and contest organisers have a responsibility for the wellbeing of their volunteers, competitors and attendees at their event. You are solely responsible for assessing and implementing the appropriate safety and security measures to be taken at your event (including whether practices other than those included in this checklist may be appropriate), and for assuring compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, and orders.

Guidelines and information about the virus continue to change regularly. You should review the most up to date resources and applicable local laws and regulations on a regular basis leading up to your event. These should take precedence over any of the general suggestions presented in this checklist.

See NHS Covid advice and UK Government Advice

This checklist has been designed to cater for model aircraft flying, contests and events of all types and sizes. Some elements of this checklist may not be appropriate for smaller or particular event types. Even if you do not expect more than 6 at your flying site or contest/event it should prove a useful exercise to complete the checklist as it may highlight something you have not considered.

For all events there are 3 distinct stages: planning stage, the event itself, and post event stage. This checklist asks you to give consideration to the 3 stages so it may appear that some sections are repeated.

Use this safety checklist to capture and confirm what safety and security measures you have considered and selected as necessary at your contest or event.